Thursday, May 27, 2010

So many boys!

The boys and I travelled to Airdrie today with Mel and her boys to visit with Mandi and Sam. Even with the fellas in their big carseats we still all fit in one vehicle, but if someone was watching us unload at Mandi's I am sure it looked like a clown car unloading! Out came two moms from the front seats, 3 boys unloaded from side doors, 2 unloaded through the liftgate, 3 strap on highchairs, and two diaper bags!
Here are the fellas when we got to the Connolley's, happy to be out and free to crawl around! My two lovely friends and all our boys!
Sam showing Lucas his car!
Bennett and Nate playing with Sam's fun toys!
I thought that the vacuum was a fun, cost efficient toy...then Luc found and fell in love with this box. He probably spent half of our time there inside the box! SO CUTE!
Thirsty boys from all of their playing.
Nathan checking out the box...I think he liked it as much as Luc. At one point today there were 4 boys inside this box, so much fun!
All our boys!


Anonymous said...

Looks like SUCH a fun day!! and now I know what to get the boys for their first birthday!! hahaha

Aunty K

Anonymous said...

So much! I think this was the best play date yet and they are only going to get crazier!!! Thanks for making the trip Stac and Mel!

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