Monday, May 24, 2010

Another GG-ma!

Today the boys got to meet another one of their GG-mas! We went out to Nana and Grandpa Alexanders for some supper, some fun, and some time with GG-ma.
Here are the boys playing with some super fun toys!Grandpa Alexander made each of the boys a birdhouse, we have been wanting to get a picture with the hung houses for awhile now but each time we are out there it has been too cold!
Here is Gramps with Luc and his birdhouse.

Daddy, Matty and Matty's birdhouse.

GG-ma, Nate and Nate's birdhouse.
Grandpa and Lucas playing in the backyard.
Close-up of GG-ma and Nate.
Daddy and Matty...this picture has quickly become one of my favorites!
Before we left we wanted to get a picture of each of the boys with their they are
GG-ma and Nathan
GG-ma and Matthew
GG-ma and Lucas
It was great for the boys to meet their GG-ma and for John to see his Grandma again (it has been awhile!). Hopefully we will all get to see her again before she has to go back home (Quebec).


Anonymous said...

Definitly! LOVE that one of John and Matty!!

Aunty K

KimnSteve said...

Beautiful boys, beautiful family, beautiful back yard!

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