Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day 2010

My first mothers day was absolutely WONDERFUL. I am SO LUCKY! Here are a few pictures of the three little boys that absolutely light up my life!
The fellas loaded up in their carseats ready to go for a drive.Lucas looking like a deer in the headlights while we were washing the car.

Nathan being adorable
Matty bear looking around.
Here is Nate playing on the computer...he LOVES the computer, he managed to check the battery power when he was on it today.
Nathan up in the crawl position...he actually did some "crawling" today...I am not sure if we are going to consider it his first crawl or not...I guess it depends on the definition of crawling. I will keep you posted on what we decide!
Daddy and Lucas hanging out on the cuddle chair...I LOVE THESE TWO!!!

Nathan showing off his two teeth!
Lucas at Grammy and Grandpas

Nathan squirmming around
GG-ma and Mr Bear
Since the boys were in their jammies and on the hardwood they could only move backwards...they got themselves into a couple of tight spots!
Lucas snacking on some puffs
Matty waving his around
Nathan happy to get a full tray of puffs!
Matthew sitting patiently waiting for his piece of the cupcake!
Happy mother's day to all the other moms out there!

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Tricia, Miki, Avery & Juno said...

The picture of Matthew waiting for his puff is so funny.

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