Wednesday, May 19, 2010

here a ba, there a ba, everywhere a ba ba

Today the boys and I went to Sunnybrook farm to meet up with Mel, Lisa and their boys. This was my first time out there and I was VERY impressed, I am sure we will be back there again before the summer is over!
Here are the fellas checking out the miniature horse...Lucas was looking but decided to turn away just as I was taking the picture.When we first got over to the sheep, a little guy came over and started "baaing" at us. He made a "normal" sheep noise and the boys LOVED it! They could not stop laughing. Then a bigger, badder sheep came over and made a not so normal sheep noise and the boys were terrified...but still so freaking cute!

The big bad sheep would not quit making his noise so we went over to the you can see Lucas could still hear the other guy!
He may have been scared of the sheep, but he quite liked the pigs!
Nathan watching the pigs
Matthew meeting the dirtiest pig I have ever seen!
so that was it for the animals...miniature horse, weird sheep, and dirty pigs.
We went over to the park so the big boys could play and the boys could get out of their stroller for that they know how to move, they are not to keen on being strapped into their stroller!
Our little lizard
Our Matty bear
{I love when he makes this face}
Oue Nate the Great
Mel, Lisa and all the boys!
And Lucas ate dirt today...although it was the first time I am sure it will not be the last!


Anonymous said...

Looks like such a fun day!! I LOVE the pics of the boys crying at the big bad sheep!! TOO FUNNY hahaha

Aunty K

KimnSteve said...

It looks like your weather is improving up there - isn't it nice to be outside with them?

Anonymous said...

I also loved the pictures of the boys when the heard the big bad sheep. Made me laugh too!

Amy and Andrew said...

Looks like you guys had a really great day. Love the pics with you in them Stac!

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