Saturday, May 22, 2010

Farmers market

Today was the first farmers market of the 2010 season. I have been excited about taking the boys for quite sometime now. The weather was not as nice as we had hoped but we bundled them up and it was a lot of fun!
Here is GG-ma, GAK, Grammy and the boys (the big bubble behind them is Red Deer's new indoor tennis center...just incase you were wondering!).Here is GG-ma pushing the boys around the market.
Nate taking in all the sights!
Matty happy to be out at the market.
Luc clearly excited to be there! hahaha
Me and my little loves
Lucas fell asleep by the end, it was a little past naptime!
Matthew zonked out too!
Nathan was too excited to fall asleep! I think that he was actually hoping for some of my lemonade!
Bones has taken quite a liking to the boys leftovers...real food AND bottles. She jumped up onto the couch, knocked this one over, jumped down and then drank from it like a fountain. What an innovative pup!

Aunty Val stopped by today and brought the boys the most wonderful gifts. As much as the boys love them I think that their dad might even love them a little bit more! Baby Oilers chairs!

Here is Lucas Christopher looking like a big boy...where did my baby go?

Matthew Owen happy to be an oilers fan...he obviously does not remember much of the last season!

Nathan James checking out his new chair


KimnSteve said...

Lucky! Our farmer's market doesn't open till June's on my calendar as our outing that day!

Amy and Andrew said...

Oh my gosh are they every growing up!!

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