Monday, January 4, 2010

We did it!

So the boys and I made it through our first day without dad and without grammy...well half a day! At about 8:10 I looked over at the clock and thought that I would get out of bed so that I could have breakfast and a tea before the boys got up (usually around nine)...not today! Matthew got up at 8:15 but was in a great mood so all was good. About half an hour later Lucas got up, ate and was also in a good mood. The boys did some kicking, still no Nathan, they did some chair time, still no Nathan, they did some tummy time, still no Nathan. So at ten I decided that I would go and wake him up. He got up and was in a great mood...but apparently he decided that he did not need a nap...ALL DAY!!! He had some fussy moments but was quite happy for the most part. He slept in the car at about 6:30 for all of twenty minutes and that was it! Should a 4 month old baby not need a nap at some point during the day???
Anyways GG-ma and GG-pa came over at 11:00 (to help me get the boys down for their afternoon naps which they decided that they did not need) and then John got off super early today so he did some errands and then came home. It was busy enough that I did not get a single picture taken today until right before bed (no naps all day and Nathan is still smiling before bed!)
Here are our fellas in their "HENRY HOE PJS"!!!

we miss you Henry!


Anonymous said...

Too cute. That is a geat pic

Anonymous said...

You made me cry !!!

Anonymous said...

I always knew you were a super mom! Terrific picture-I am having a hard time deciding which ones to use as a backdrop! GAK

Larissa said...

Stacey, how is it possible that you managed to have 3 unbeliebably GORGEOUS babies??!?? They look like such happy little boys! I'm so excited for you and John & I love the blog updates!! What an amazing Mommy you are! I thought it was hard with just one, but you seem to do it all with a smile on your face. But really, how could you not with 3 lookers like that? ADORABLE!

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