Friday, May 7, 2010

Me and my Nate

Today I did the weirdest thing...I packed up the car and the diaper bag for ONE baby! Nathan had an appointment at the Stollery in Edmonton at the head shape clinic. GAK and GG-ma Braham came to stay and play with Matthew and Lucas and off went Nate and I (and Grandpa...he came with us so that we would not have to park and then get out and find where to was nice to have company on the drive too!)
Here is the backseat with ONE weird that I had to take a picture!Our appointment was at 10:30, so we were there at about 10:10 (I am pretty sure I have mentioned how I feel about being late). Well we waited and waited and waited...we did not see the doctor until 11:40ish...grrrr. We did take a couple of pics while we were waiting though!
Just hanging out on the table and waiting!
So after waiting as long as we did the Doctor came in (she was wonderful), felt his head and said that she would not be concerned about it at all...and home we went (with a quick burger stop at harveys first of course!)
Thanks again SOOO much to Gramma and Aunty Karen for staying with the other two boys and to Dad for changing your plans to come with us!

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