Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Fun

Since it is father's day I just want to start this post by sharing a little bit about what kind of a father John is. When John and I first started dating I knew he would be a great dad, what I did not know was that he would exceed every single expectation that I could have ever had for him. He is the most hands on dad that I have EVER met, and the boys and I love him to pieces. He is the dad that rushes in when he gets home from work because he can't wait to play with his boys. He is the dad that can get his boys laughing like nobody else can. He is the dad that brings lysol wipes to costco to clean the carts because he does not want his boys to get sick. If one of the boys gets up in the night John gets him and rocks him back to sleep. If one of the boys fall over he rushes to get them and make sure that they are okay. He has their favorite commercials on the PVR and ready to go if the boys feel the need to dance. John could beat anybody that I know at changing a diaper, getting a baby in their carseat, making a batch of bottles, or taking out the garbage...this guy is as great as they come. I am SO unbelievably lucky to have John as my partner in life and the dad of my boys. Here are some pictures from our day!
The boys and I found an Oiler's chair for John that matches theirs...SO CUTE!!! We NEED to go camping...or at least sit around a fire!The boys playing in Grammy and Grandpa's yard
Our Father's day BBQ this year was a golf theme so we had a long drive contest...with a marshmallow! It was quite funny to watch and try!!!
Me enjoying the sun and the great company!
Matty and G-pa playing around
Grammy and Luc playing with the tree!
GG-ma and Luc playing in Aunty K's drink tub
It was pretty warm outside and the boys were pretty messy from their supper so we stripped them down and let them play in G-pa and G-mas pool! hahaha

Just like the alligator pool Nathan was more interested in getting in and out than he was in actually just being in the "pool"

Nathan not quite sure being naked in the grass is the best idea!

Here are the cupcakes that we made for dessert
(Amy they are from the cupcake book!!!)


Amy and Andrew said...

Looks like lots of fun! Love the cupcakes!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Stacey,
What a lovely tribute to the Daddy of your babies! I know he adores all of you too. My family feels so incredibly lucky to share in your babies as much as we do. It was a great day for fathers. GAK

Tricia, Miki, Avery & Juno said...

Oh Stac, you brought a tear to my eyes. What a great blog.

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