Sunday, March 14, 2010


John and I had discussed it and decided that we were going to try and get by without getting actual highchairs. We have the ones that clip on the counter and they work great for when I am working in the kitchen, but not so great for feeding the boys. We had been feeding them in their bumbos which was working pretty good but got to be kinda tough on the feeders (my) back!
So on Saturday we went to the mall with Grammy and got some highchairs...they are wonderful!
Here is Lucas loving his chairMatty in his

Nate playing in his
If I had been looking a little better the last couple of days I would have had John take a picture of me sitting in the lazyboy feeding them (instead of on the floor) and you could see how much Mommy enjoys the new chairs too!

Last night John and Uncle G went to play poker so Aunty K and Fella came over to help play with, feed and put the boys to bed. While we were bbqing Fella (Aunty K's Fella...not one of mine!) was outside jumping up on the window and the boys all thought that it was HILARIOUS! Kels and I went out and took turns entertaining the boys from outside...if one of the neighbors was watching they probably thought that we were hilarious too...that or maybe they just thought that we were crazy!
Aunty K and Fella...
The Happy Audience!
So just to follow up on the last post we are ALL BETTER NOW!!! After I wrote about Nate getting sick we knew we were in for a rough night...but we did not know quite how rough it was going to be! The two sick boys slept great but I got sick at about 1:30am and John shortly after. Thank goodness for our wonderful family and friends that helped us get through Friday...we could not have done it without you!


Anonymous said...

WAy too cute! Those high chair pics!! AAH such happy boys!

Anonymous said...

haha i just looked at this one again, I think those pics are some of my faves!! WHo am I kidding thoguh, they all are!!!

aunty k

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