Monday, May 31, 2010

Two Cute!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Busy Day!

My 4 boys and I had a BUSY, FUN day today!
It started off with a visit from the Kawaharas. Here is Nathan and Avery hanging out. While we were eating the boys were all in the counter chairs so we pulled a high chair over for Avery to sit with us too. Matthew spent a lot of time holding her hand...SO CUTE!!!
After lunch John and I went to Gavin's baptism while Grammy came to stay with the fellas. Afterwards John and I came home, got the boys, and went to Lexie's birthday party. The Roys did a FANTASTIC job decorating, it was like we actually were at the circus, we LOVED it!
Here are some of the boys hanging out in Lexie's playroom. Living with 4 boys I will never get this much pink in my house!
Lucas with the PINK stroller.
Nathan hanging out on the PINK silk.
Matthew with the PINK bunny!
When we got home it was time for the boys to have supper. We were out of prepared fruit so John hauled out the blender and got it ready. I ran downstairs for a second and this is what I saw when I came back upstairs....
which was a direct result of John's new feeding technique!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

So many boys!

The boys and I travelled to Airdrie today with Mel and her boys to visit with Mandi and Sam. Even with the fellas in their big carseats we still all fit in one vehicle, but if someone was watching us unload at Mandi's I am sure it looked like a clown car unloading! Out came two moms from the front seats, 3 boys unloaded from side doors, 2 unloaded through the liftgate, 3 strap on highchairs, and two diaper bags!
Here are the fellas when we got to the Connolley's, happy to be out and free to crawl around! My two lovely friends and all our boys!
Sam showing Lucas his car!
Bennett and Nate playing with Sam's fun toys!
I thought that the vacuum was a fun, cost efficient toy...then Luc found and fell in love with this box. He probably spent half of our time there inside the box! SO CUTE!
Thirsty boys from all of their playing.
Nathan checking out the box...I think he liked it as much as Luc. At one point today there were 4 boys inside this box, so much fun!
All our boys!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Now that we're crawling...

Now that the boys are crawling they have been getting into all kinds of "trouble". The new most commonly said phrase in our house has become "where is Lucas?". Although they are all on the go all the time he is the one that seems to wander away the quickest and most frequently! Here are some pictures of some of the new things the boys have become interested in now that they can get to them!
1. The toilet...well maybe just the bathroom in general. The doors to the bathrooms stay closed almost all the time but if we leave one open it does not take the fellas long to get in there!2. The pantry - the boys are quicker than Bones to get into the pantry when the door is open. I can barely get anything out of it without one of them ending up in there...makes it tough to bake!
3. Pots and Pans - the new favorite drums!
4. The behind the door thingy - the boys discovered one of these at Dr.Atchison's last week and now they love to play with it!
5. The printer - we try to block it off but no matter what we put around it the boys get into it...we are currently seeking out a new home for it!
6. Bones' food and water - if it is down the boys are in it...poor Bones now only gets to eat and drink when she is outside or when the boys are asleep!
7. The vacuum - FAVORITE TOY EVER!!! They like everything about the vacuum...the hose, the nozzle, and where it hooks upto the wall. I love Nathan's expression in this picture...way too funny!
8. The Phone - although they love it, they are no longer allowed to play with it. They had been playing with it quite a bit, they dialed random stuff and called Grandpa once using the redial button. The kicker was when Matthew dialed 511...just a little too close to 911 for comfort!
9. Grammy's purse - the boys are quite happy if they can get into a purse and pull stuff out of it.
Just another cute picture of Lucas with the dog bowl...we try our best to remember to put the dishes up or out, but we still need more practice!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Another GG-ma!

Today the boys got to meet another one of their GG-mas! We went out to Nana and Grandpa Alexanders for some supper, some fun, and some time with GG-ma.
Here are the boys playing with some super fun toys!Grandpa Alexander made each of the boys a birdhouse, we have been wanting to get a picture with the hung houses for awhile now but each time we are out there it has been too cold!
Here is Gramps with Luc and his birdhouse.

Daddy, Matty and Matty's birdhouse.

GG-ma, Nate and Nate's birdhouse.
Grandpa and Lucas playing in the backyard.
Close-up of GG-ma and Nate.
Daddy and Matty...this picture has quickly become one of my favorites!
Before we left we wanted to get a picture of each of the boys with their they are
GG-ma and Nathan
GG-ma and Matthew
GG-ma and Lucas
It was great for the boys to meet their GG-ma and for John to see his Grandma again (it has been awhile!). Hopefully we will all get to see her again before she has to go back home (Quebec).

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Farmers market

Today was the first farmers market of the 2010 season. I have been excited about taking the boys for quite sometime now. The weather was not as nice as we had hoped but we bundled them up and it was a lot of fun!
Here is GG-ma, GAK, Grammy and the boys (the big bubble behind them is Red Deer's new indoor tennis center...just incase you were wondering!).Here is GG-ma pushing the boys around the market.
Nate taking in all the sights!
Matty happy to be out at the market.
Luc clearly excited to be there! hahaha
Me and my little loves
Lucas fell asleep by the end, it was a little past naptime!
Matthew zonked out too!
Nathan was too excited to fall asleep! I think that he was actually hoping for some of my lemonade!
Bones has taken quite a liking to the boys leftovers...real food AND bottles. She jumped up onto the couch, knocked this one over, jumped down and then drank from it like a fountain. What an innovative pup!

Aunty Val stopped by today and brought the boys the most wonderful gifts. As much as the boys love them I think that their dad might even love them a little bit more! Baby Oilers chairs!

Here is Lucas Christopher looking like a big boy...where did my baby go?

Matthew Owen happy to be an oilers fan...he obviously does not remember much of the last season!

Nathan James checking out his new chair

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