Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Roots of Empathy

This past year I took the boys into a grade one class once a month for a program called roots of empathy. The grade ones watched how the boys grew, and asked us lots of questions (and made lots of comments). We just got a card from the kids and I just had to share what it said. Each of the kids wrote out their "wish for the boys", here they are...

We wish...

  • they learn really good
  • they can run fast
  • they can read
  • they can ride a bike
  • they can grow up
  • they can run really fast
  • they can run like me
  • they are funny
  • they could stay here
  • they can play
  • they have a lovely world
  • they have fun
  • they will be nice
  • they can stand up
  • they will have toys
  • they can walk
  • they can ride a bike
  • they will have a nice life
  • they learn great things
  • they are always healthy
  • they have lots of fun
  • they have a fun time
  • they learn how to use their manners
  • they will walk fast
  • they will have a good year
  • they are nice
  • they have a wonderful life

In addition to these wonderful wishes the boys got these adorable little "team puma" outfits and some adorable roots of empathy t-shirts (I will post a picture of them in the t-shirts later)


Anonymous said...

awww. I love it!! Addi did roots of Empathy too! What a great program. Your blog is great Stacey

Anonymous said...

Lovely and thoughtful wishes for the boys. I couldn't have wished them any better myself. Love you all. GAK

Amy and Andrew said...

Cool idea. What nice wishes for the boys!

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