Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yay for the water table!!!

Our boys LOVE to splash, so when I saw how much fun another set of triplets were having at their water table we had no choice but to go out and get one for our boys.
John set it up this morning since it was FINALLY nice enough to play outside, and the boys LOVED it more than I could have ever expected.
Here they are playing at it, Bennett has a water table at home so he was showing them some fun things to do!It did not take them long to figure out how to get up and do some splashing!
Lucas being very serious about his splashing!
They were pretty much all smiles the entire time they were playing at the table

even Gavin got up and did a little bit of splashing
Two of the fellas out on a is so funny when they follow each other around
Nathan did not want to participate in the crawling parade, he still had splashing to do!
Next the boys went into the pool...first time they have gone in there with water! (On Friday they went in and had a little wrestling match, SO FUNNY!!!)
Alligator pool full of babies!
When Nathan was outside the pool the only thing that he wanted to do was crawl out and then as soon as he was out he wanted to crawl back in...(look a little closer at the last picture for Nathan!)
Hanging out in the nice to finally have some sun!!!Boys playing in the pool

and out goes Nathan again
After water table and pool time we took a little break to re-energize the boys, it was their first bbq meal out on the deck, they loved it so we are going to have to make up for lost time!

we put the boys back into the pool after they were done eating (hoping they would come out clean!) and Bennett became quite the entertainer, Nathan was back at the water table but Matthew and Lucas could not stop laughing!

the forecast is almost all rain again for next week but you can bet that when the sun comes out again, so will the water table!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fabulous, fun day. I'll bet they went to bed easily tonight. Can't wait to see them in action. Maybe we'll get a nice day in July.

Anonymous said...

p.s. Love the droopy drawers.

KimnSteve said...

Don't ya wish everyday could be like that? What fun!

Amy and Andrew said...

Too bad about the bad weather. Hopefully there will be some sunshine soon.

Anonymous said...

Look at that camera at work with the water shots, you can see every single drop, so cool!!! plus the pics of the those too!! haha

aunty k

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