Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fun at the Roy's

This afternoon after the boys' naps we packed up and headed over to the Roy's. Even though the clouds were threatening we started our afternoon outside. We got some fun in before having to move inside.
Me and my little boysChrissy and I with our little loves
John and Rob with one of their loves!
Daddy and his little bear
Lexie and Chrissy...we were being attacked by the wind at this point!!!
Lexie just got a bouncy castle so the kids had a fun time "bouncing" around!

Nathan was being a little fussaroo so Daddy tried to cheer him up with some kisses...
and some shoulder rides
Just when supper was ready it got WAY TOO we went downstairs and had some more fun...the boys got into all kinds of pink stuff!!! I will try and post some pictures of that later...SO CUTE!!!


pool toys said...

You really have a beautiful family. I bet three toddler boys are alot to handle. make sure you have a lot of toys handy to entertain them

pool toys

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun, Just think how much fun they will have if we ever have a nice day.

Amy and Andrew said...

I love these pictures! They seem to be growing up too fast. Love their zip hoodies by the way.

Amy and Andrew said...

Andrew just said they must be getting big really fast because of the new feeding technique.

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