Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy 83rd Birthday GG-Pa Braham!

So my morning today started off not so great...I was so excited to go and celebrate my G-pas birthday that apparently I could not wait for the garage door to get all the way open and I hit it as I was backing are some pics!Look how close I was to getting out!

Luckily Steve, Keith and my Dad came to my rescue...the garage door sounds better opening now than it did before! Thanks Guys!

Finally we arrive at the G-Units! Hard to believe, but this is the first time the boys have been to my parents house...I guess why would we go over there when they are always with us at our house :)

The boys LOVE to kick at Grammy and Grampa's house!

Birthday Beer for the Birthday Boy!

GG-ma watching the boys kick away!

G-ma making mimosas...the perfect breakfast drink!

Aunty K and the boys

Great Uncle Dave (GUD...maybe we won't abbreviate this one hahaha) and Cale hanging out in the kitchen.

We ALWAYS tease GG-pa about the Charlie Brown Christmas trees that he picks this year we got him the "Official" Charlie Brown Christmas Tree...soooo cute!

GG-pa and his tree!

Me and My Grandpa!

Here is Bones absolutley loving her big bed!
Dad was cleaning up after breakfast and he said "Man do I miss John...I think I may even miss him more than Stacey"! (for those of you who do not know John well he ALWAYS cleans up after a meal no matter where he is!)

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Anonymous said...

Stacey, your blogs are amazing and a great way to keep up. For example, I just learned about the ziffling on the blog - great word. Love the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.
Aunty Karen

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