Friday, June 4, 2010

Cale's Grad

Today my cousin Cale graduated from HHHS...GO LIGHTNING GO!!!
Since we were not going to have a ton of extra time before the ceremonies Cale put on his cap and gown and came over earlier this week to get some pictures with the boys.
Cale and NathanMatthew and Cale
Lucas and Cale
For the actual ceremonies today the boys were little champs. Cale graduated with a class of over 300 so needless to say the ceremonies were not short! I did not get any pictures from the ceremonies but wish I would have...the boys were super cute and I was super proud of Cale.

When we got home I snapped a few pictures of the boys in their dress shirts...SO CUTE!!!
Nathan and Matthew (the vacuum seems to be in the background of almost EVERY picture these days!)
I set the boys together and thought that I finally had a shot of all three of them...but Lucas was not going to have any of that...and the dog barked in the front room so the other two whipped their heads around at the last minute!
and then there was one!
Matty Bear
Our little lizard...and yes that is Bones' soccer ball!
Nate the Great
Grammy and Grandpa came and stayed with the boys so that John and I could go to the banquet.
The handsome grad
Proud mama and papa
John and I with Cale
We feel very lucky to have had the chance to be part of Cale's special day!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Stacey for the lovely pictures! We were so glad you guys could be a part of Cale's day. The boys were champs and so sweet. Cale had a great time - a little bleary eyed today but lots of memories. GAK

Anonymous said...

Can't pick a favourite picture from this lot. All fabulous.

KimnSteve said...

Congratulations, Cale! Your boys are so cute in those shirts...and what a lot of teeth!

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