Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy 143rd Canada!!!

My 4 boys and I had a very busy day today. We started off celebrating Canada Day by heading down to Bower Ponds with Aunty K and Grandpa. When we got there each of the fellas got a Canadian flag and they LOVED them.
Here is Luc and Matty waving their flags.Nate checking his out.
They had a ton of tents set up with different are some of the things we all tried.
Crepes...they called them something different but they were pretty much crepes!
French fries (I just noticed that everything we ate was Canadian colours, how patriotic of us!!!). We did want to try a few more things but the lines were getting crazy so we moved on.
Aunty K and Nathan
Grandpa lined up and got each of the boys their first tatoo! So cute!
Here is Nathan getting hisMatthew sucking on a freezie (unopened) as he gets his done.
Don't look Luc! hahaha
Grandpa and Nathan...check out his sweet tatty...Uncle Fran would be proud! hahaha
By the time we made the hike back to the car all three boys had fallen asleep. I know I could just write that but the pictures of them sleeping in their stroller are always so cute!
Nate (he must have been super tired because this position is not the easiest to fall asleep, I will make sure I have an extra blanket to use as a pillow next time!)
Matty Bear
Our little Lizard
The boys came home, had a nap, got their shirts washed and then we were off again. We went over to the Jansen's for their annual Canada Day BBQ. The boys (all 4 of them) absolutely LOVED their backyard, so many fun things!
Matty and Dad playing with the exercise ball
Now Matthew and Lucas playing together
Nathan playing with the tunnel, the boys thought that it was quite fun!
Our family!
The boys playing in the ball pit...
View from the top!
Mr Nathan checking out the kite-flyers in the field!
All five of us were very tired by the end of the day...I actually can'y believe that I am not in bed yet!!!

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