Sunday, June 27, 2010

I scream you scream we all scream for icecream!

My 4 boys, Bones and I went down to Mackenzie Trails to meet Grammy, Grandpa and GG-ma/pa Sinclair for a picnic.
Here is Nate and GrammyDaddy, Bones and Luc. The other night Grammy "walked" Luc around for quite awhile...he has become unstoppable, and wants to walk all. the. time.
GG-ma and Matty
Nathan walking along the bench, happy to be out at the picnic.
Luc and GG-pa swapping stories out in the trees!
Bones getting some snuggles from Grandpa
Me and my 4 boys, what a lucky lady I am!
Lunch time!
After the picnic we came home and the boys (and John and I) had a wonderful afternoon nap. After we all woke up Aunty K and Uncle G came over for some fun in the pool, at the watertable, and some burgers! We figured the best way to finish our day was a trip to the Little Ice Cream and Soda Shoppe. Kelsey and I both worked at the Shoppe for years and years, we were very excited that we got to go and see Greg (our favorite ice cream maker) for the boys' first taste of ice is without a doubt THE BEST icecream EVER!!!
Luc and Greg
Grandpa, Dad and Luc checking out all the flavors!
Uncle Dave sharing his cone with Nate
Grandpa sharing with Matthew
Lucas helping himself to some ice cream
he was an ice cream monster! cream
Babies in big hats are just too cute not to post!
Nathan a little farther down the cone!
Matthew waiting for another bite
Our gang at the Shoppe (Aunty K was not in the picture because she was our photographer for the afternoon!)


Carla said...

Hey Stacey - just thought I would check in to see how the boys are growing! First of all - what a GREAT blog! I would read it even if I did not know you! And those boys…KEE-OOT! So much fun! The vacuum pictures kill me! I am glad to see vacuuming is a boys' job in your house too!

So fun! Hope to see you all in real life soon!

cj (carla - your mama's friend!)

KimnSteve said...

We just got back from a road trip to Tennessee. My advice would be to take help! Hope you can.

KimnSteve said...

Not sure where you are in CA, but our drive was 17 hours. We drove through the night and only stopped for bathroom and gas. Not the greatest idea, but we made it work.

KimnSteve said...

I meant Canada by the CA, not California. I'm not that dense.

Anonymous said...

All great pics but my fave is the one of GG-Pa and Luc swapping stories in the trees!! adorable!!

aunty k

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