Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Zoo...FINALLY!!!

We have been trying to take the boys to the zoo for quite sometime now...the most recent was last Saturday...but it snowed, that's right snow at the end of may!
We did not plan to go today but when we woke up and it was actually semi-warm out we decided to go...for those of you who know me well you would know that going on the spur of the moment, without planning ahead of time, is very uncharacteristic for me...but it was so much fun!
Here are my four boys when we first got to the zoo!The three little boys (clearly excited to go in! hahaha)
Me and the fellas
Our Family :)
John trying to keep the boys entertained in the dark tunnel while I waited in a crazy long line to get our passes!
Finally we made it outside where we met Tricia and Avery.
John, Tricia and the babes ready to head into prehistoric park!
Daddy and Matty checking out the dinos
John trying to convince the boys that the dino was more interesting than their own success!
They did not need much convincing to look over at the was like a big giant kitchen tap!
Here is John super pumped to have found the T-Rex!
All throughout prehistoric park they have these symbols all along the path...I could not figure out why we were not going in the direction of the arrows...I finally realized that we were following footprints!
John and the boys
Tricia and Avery
Feeding time at the Zoo

After we ate we did not have a ton of time to look around since it was getting close to nap time and we thought the best drive home would be while the boys were sleeping. Here are our tired boys enjoying some cucumber slices...

Dad and the boys checking out some fish.
Me and Lucas checking out the giraffes
Me and my lizard
The entire day was a success...but it is probably going to take us 5 or 6 more trips to see all of the animals!
Click here to visit Tricias blog for some more pictures...but they probably wont be posted yet because she is not quite as quick as me hahaha!


Anonymous said...

Your Zoo day looks like you had a lot of fun. I want to go too! GAK

Amy and Andrew said...

I can't believe how much you are doing with the boys, I can't even get myself ready some days... they are very lucky to have you Stac (and you too Johnny).

KimnSteve said...

What fun! We LOVE our zoo and bought a year-long membership so that we can go again and again. That way it doesn't matter if we leave after just an hour for naptime and we "didn't get our money's worth." And cucumber slices? Why didn't I think of that? I'm going to try that!

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