Saturday, March 5, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Today was our second swimming lesson.  The first one was SO much fun.  The boys loved it, and they didn't even have a fit when we got out.  Kels and my dad were coming with us this week and I had been telling them ALL week long about how fun it was...this week, not totally the case!  They were happy for the most part...just not the entire part!

Here is Lucas waiting to go in...

 Grandpa and Matty checking out the trees

When it is time to go into the pool we set the boys on the stair and let them come in on their own.  The boys can barely be sat down on the stair because they just want to get in there and play!  As soon as their feet hit the water they bend down and start splashing!

Out in the pool with part of our class!

I think that we just finished playing timmy turtle :)

The boys' favorite part is jumping off the edge of the pool into the water...


again!!!  I love Lucas's expression in this one!

Aunty waiting for Luc to dive in!

Action shot!!!

Grandpa all ready for Nate!

Then it was life jacket all went downhill from here!

Aunty and Nate doing a little floating...

Playing with the flutter boards

G-pa and Matty

We did a little diving for rings...
 and  little crying!

We ended in the hot tub...always fun!
G-pa and Matty

The gang!

He LOVES the hot tub!

Aunty and Luc

Hopefully next week is as fun as the first!


amber said...


Anonymous said...

It was a blast with the boys today, can't imagine it being more fun.


Twin Engines said...

Awe, I want to take my boys to swimming lessons so badly! That looks fabulous!

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