Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fun with Nana!

Nana came over to visit us this afternoon...and she came with all kinds of treats!

The boys each got their very first Chocolate easter bunny...and he was in hockey equipment!!!

Nathan punched right through the plastic window and pulled his out!!!

So we all had a bite!  Matty had a little trouble getting a chunk off!

Lucas taking a bite

Nathan looking a little worried that everyone is biting his bunny!

Daddy taking an ear off

Mommy taking the other ear off

Nana getting her bite!

Nana also brought the boys a vacuum...they LOVED it!!!  She searched and searched for three but there was only one in the entire city...they did share pretty good though!

Nathan was first up

Then Matthew got his turn...he made sure to get into all the corners!

Lucas waited patiently and finally got his hands on it...he did not like the setting that his brothers were using so he had to switch it before he got started!

What a well trained little dude, sweeping right into the vacpan!

double trouble!

switching those darn settings again!

Matthew telling dad his plans...

to go in and clean his bed!  He disappeared down the hall and when I peeked in on him this is what he was doing!  He did his entire bed and then came back out!

Next was bath time, and at this point in the night Erin became our official photographer!
Matthew Owen

Nathan James

Lucas Christopher

Next was story time...
Mommy and Matty

Nate giving the book a BIG GIANT KISS!!!  I love that you can see his wide open mouth in the mirror of the book!

Then he took the book to read on his own.

A little Dizzy Dragon for Luc

Nana's turn to read DD 

Another Kiss for the book! hahaha

I also have a little update on the "sleep" situation...
-last night after a bit of laughing, and quite a bit of fussing, all 3 boys fell asleep in their own beds, and stayed there for almost all of the night.  Luc did sneak out once and when I got out of bed I spotted him running to the fridge to get himself a bottle hahaha, we are now going to try with their door closed!
-their nap today was crazy short, but it was a nap in their beds none the less!
-tonight they all fell asleep in their own beds, with a lot of laughing but no still did take quite awhile though.


Tim and Darcy said...

Love these boys and their cleaning tendencies! Lol!!! And those pics are anything but brutal...there's no way I would even post a pic of myself yesterday! You look great!!!

Tim and Darcy said...

Oh yeah, and I agree with Ami (comment on my last post).... I think we should all meet one day!

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