Monday, March 14, 2011

The Haircuts!

So I wasn't going to do a post with pictures from the haircuts because for some reason or another there was not one single picture of Lucas...not a before, not a during, and not an after.  He was the third to get I guess I know why the first born's baby book is always fuller, since I can't even make it through three haircuts! hahaha

Anyways here are the pictures I did get of Nate and Matty...Sorry Luc!

Nathan James - BEFORE

Matthew Owen - BEFORE

Nathan was the first to go...

He was quite interested in the tools she was using!

Sitting like a perfect little gentleman!

Cleaning up the more chance for ponytails hahaha!

Aunty trying to distract Nathan so Moya (Uncle G's momma) and finish up!

Now onto the bear...his hair was the longest of them all!!!

Bangs done!

Another little gentleman! hahaha

He agreed to pause for a picture.

Little cutie!

Nathan James - AFTER

Matthew Owen - AFTER

They look even more alike now than they did before!!!  And I will make sure that next time I do not miss anyone!!!


Ami said...

Oh they're so adorable!! I love the haircuts!!

Twin Engines said...

Finally! Wow, don't they look so big? Big boys! My Nathan still has no haircut and now it's curling up. He's like Samson. Glad you're getting outside, finally!

Tim and Darcy said...

Love the haircuts - such big boys! Don't you hate it when you end up not having pics of one of the kids doing something?! Bugs me when I do that....feels like i left them out of something! Lol! Good thing we take thousands of pictures to make up for it ;)

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