Friday, March 4, 2011

Felling Yucky Friday

Last night two of the fellas got sick...pukey sick...not all!!!

Needless to say we had a long not so fun day today trying to recover (and a bunch of our favorite things got deleted off of our

Here is Nate on the towel covered cuddle chair.

He kept petting Bones with his cute!

Talk about a lazy cook!!!

Matthew just having a little rest in his chair.

Lucas's eye is on the mend.  The bandage came off last night and it looks way better than I had expected!

Nathan feeling a little better this afternoon and busting a move!

All of the boys are in bed now...and I am not too far behind!  We have our second swimming lesson tomorrow and I can't wait :)


Ami said...

So sorry the boys were sick! I do feel your pain! Here's hoping everyone is better soon! Have fun at swimming lessons! Take pictures! :)

amber said...

Nathan looks so long in the first picture!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the lazy cook. I am thinking of dragging my lazy boy into the kitchen.

Kelsey said...

SUCH a hilarious post! the one of nathan dancing is just too freaking funny!!!

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