Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dunkin Dudes

Today I made the boys some "dunkaroos"...animal crackers and icing...mmmm
The boys started off doing SO good.  They would dip their cracker in and then take a bite.
I went to grab the camera (about 2 steps away) and when I got back the had progressed into dipping their cracker and licking the icing off...



Lucas (doesn't he look like Matty here!!!)

The boys were hogging all the animal crackers so I dipped my finger into the icing {terrible I know!}.  As soon as they saw me do that they ditched their crackers and went straight to finger/fist dipping!

Nathan going in with the fist, and Lucas with the finger, Matthew waiting patiently for his turn...a rare occurrence!

Matthew using the open hand technique! hahaha

-the boys are still taking longer than usual to fall asleep at bedtime, but they are sleeping right through the night in their beds!  WHOO HOO!!!
-today the boys had their first totally successful nap in their beds, it only took them 20 minutes to fall asleep (this was typical for their cribs), and then they slept for about 2 hours!!!  Hopefully they can stick to this :)


Ami said...

So you're saying there's hope... :) Glad to hear sleeping is going well! Dunkaroos? Well that's just brilliant!! Love it!

Tim and Darcy said...

Wow! That is awesome about the beds! And LOVE the icing idea....I love me some good icing (and would be dipping my fingers in) as well!

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