Thursday, January 13, 2011

Before Bed

The boys were SO silly before bed tonight, it was hilarious!  Here are some of the pictures!

Matthew ready to take Bones' snake...they have been playing with her and the snake a ton the last couple of days and I honestly just sit there laughing when they cute!
 Matthew modelling the snake!
 and the model walk back up the catwalk!
 Silly Nate
 Daddy and Luc, who was a little snuggle bug tonight!
 Wrestling time...Matty on top like usual!
 Little break for some hugs!

Matthew running away from Bones!
 Nathan still being silly!  Doesn't he look guilty in this one?!?!?
 On the run
 All smiles :)
 Back at it with the pup!
 more silliness!
 He kept doing this over and over again tonight...not quite sure why...he did think it was pretty funny though!
 They seriously could not stop giggling tonight!
 Love these fellas!
 Dad and his three little pumpkins
 More wrestling!
 Lukey Cat and Scortch.
 M and N

 Lucas decided it was safer to just be a spectator!

 Poor Bones never gets a break!
 One last cute one of our little Nater tot!


Kelsey said...


Also, I love the pics of MattyBear modelling the snake!

Twin Engines said...

So cute! And so much hair! Wow!

Christa said...

They are soooo cute!!! I can't wait for all this in-home entertainment!!!

Tim and Darcy said...

Love Matthew modeling the snake! He totally has the model look/expression - lol!
And LOVE the nickname Nater-tot!!! :)

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