Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snowy Saturday

We had a VERY snowy day here in "the deer".  I think the boys may have even said snow a few times today!  To fight off the cold we started our morning with some waffles.

Here is Nate happy to be inside eating his breakfast!

Lucas and his waffle

Matthew chompin away!

and yes even Bones get some (it came from one of the boys, not from me!)
 We spent most of our day inside, and finished off with a nice warm bath before bed.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the bath!

Matty Bear

Lukey Cat

Matthew ready to take a chomp out of something...he actually did take a chomp out of Nate earlier today, they were wrestling and Nate was winning...Matthew didn't like that very much so he chomped his tummy!
 Nate Dizzle

Two Bros playing in the tub!

Cute little Nate

Lucas being a goof!

The last little while anytime we ask Nathan where his skin is, or if he loves his skin, he rubs his tummy...LOVES IT!

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Ami said...

Too many cute things to comment on! Hunter and Ethan rub their tummies when they think a certain food is yummy, so I totally agree with you about Nathan! Good job catching it on film! Adorable! Also, why until this moment have I never thought of just giving them a whole waffle?? No, no, I still cut the things into a million pieces! That would be WAY more fun for them! Good call Stacey! :)

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