Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jet-tub at the G-units!

Tonight we packed up the fellas and went over to the G-units for Sunday supper!
Here are the boys being super cute in their winter dress coats!

Matthew Owen
 Lucas Christopher
 Nathan James
 After some playing and supper the boys hopped into the jet-tub for their bath...they LOVE the jet-tub!!!

3 fellas in the tub!

 splish splash!
 A super excited Nate Dogg
 they LOVE when the water is running.
 All just hanging out doing their own thing!
 Matthew doing some thinking.

Nate hanging out in the bubbles!
 So. Much. Fun!


I love this little guy!

 and this one!

and this one!

Another cute one of Matty Bear
 Nate D-O-double G

Lukey Cat, I think this one is so funny!

Nate and Luc got out and Matty had the entire tub to himself.  This was him at first...not quite sure.  It was not long though before he was diving back and pictures of that though because there was water flying EVERYWHERE!!!


Dolli-Mama said...

So fun! Three boys in the tub looks like a blast!

Tim and Darcy said...

Those coats are the cutest! And the bath pictures...such fun memories captured! Love them!!!

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