Saturday, January 22, 2011

ODR with the fellas!

Today we took the boys to the ODR (outdoor rink).  I was a little nervous, I thought that strapping on the blades and putting the boys on the ice could end in tears...and it did...but only when we made them go home.  They LOVED it!  Once again I had a TON of pictures...I cut it down some, but then decided to take Ami's advice and just post them all!  So here they are...

Me and Matty....I made John take a picture with me in it to prove that I was there!
 Daddy and Matty out on the ice
 I heart this picture!

Grandpa, Luc and Nate watching daddy and Matty

G-pa and Nate testing out the new blades

Luc and Dad...look at him go!

Skating babies everywhere!

Look no hands!
 Our little #89!

Daddy LOVING being out on the ice with his boys!

Nate also loving it!

Matty after a spill

Up and ready to get back at it

Checking out his new skates

The only picture that I got of the three boys together!

bending down to play with some snow!

How cute are these helmets!

Lukey Cat...he spent a little more time being held than the other two...I would NEVER had guessed him to be a bit nervous...he climbs and jumps on and off of EVERYTHING in our house...but it took him a little longer to get used to his skates!

more playing in the snow

Curious little fella!


Matthew venturing out on his own

One stride at a time!

Luc getting a little help from G-pa 

Nate heading in the other direction!

Matthew laughing at Dad going fast!


The fellas and G-pa

Daddy and Luc

Matty and G-pa

A little bit of snow on his bum

 another one of Daddy and Luc

I totally love this picture...not too impressed that he fell

but he popped

right back


A little break for two of my guys!

Nate and his shadow

Matty bear

Like I said, love these helmets!

I also love their rosy little cheeks!

On the go again!

 Lucas out on his own

Still a little unsure about the ice

Starting to warm up to it

Okay now he loves it!!! 


Matthew waiting for dad


By the end the boys were all over the ice

even Luc!

John was beyond proud of the boys today.  Everytime they fell they would just pop right back up on their own.  They loved being out there today.  I am sure that in the coming years we will spend A LOT of time on the ODR!


Tim and Darcy said...

LOOOOOOOVE! Those are some of the cutest pictures EVER!!!

Christie said...

I was wondering how the skate went! AWESOME!! They are amazing! 1.5 years old and already natural's. Adorable pics! (Rob even sent me a text to check out Johnny's pics on FB)

Ami said...

Okay, I am beyond impressed with them even being able to STAND in ice skates, let alone actually MOVE in them! Those are some of my all time favorite pictures of your boys! And THANKS for posting them ALL! :)

Joelee said...

I don't know what is cuter - the strap on skates, the helmets, or your BOYS?!?!? :) I am impressed! Looks like you will be spending a lot of time on the ice with all three of them! FUN!

GAuntie Sue said...

Those are just the neatest Double-Bladed Skates Ever!! Our kids never had those! Maybe that's why they turned into basketball players instead of skaters.
The Boys Are Just SOOOO CUTE!!!!!
Thanks for posting ALL the pictures. I wouldn't have wanted to miss a one!
Love you Guys!

My Family said...

So cute!!!!! Love the pics!!!

Jim & Chrissy said...

Your boys are adorable! I can not even imagine putting my kiddos on skates!! They would be falling constantly!! I saw you left a comment on my blog...nice to 'meet' you :)

Rande said...

I just found your blog via your Martha blog (yummy looking recipes by the way) and was wondering about the skates your adorable boys are wearing. My family practically lives at the local ice rink and everyone has been joking asking when he will start skating (he is only 2 months old). I started skating when I was about their age but I wore double bladed figure skates that are not very supportive. Anyhoo cute boys, and daddy must be so proud.

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