Sunday, January 2, 2011


Just like every New Years Day for as long as I can remember we woke up and made our way out to Trochu for the annual family wack-off...if you are new to the blog click HERE for the specifics of the annual event!

Like last year I stayed behind to play with the fellas!  Cam took some AMAZING photos of the "wackers" today so here are some of my favorites!  I was not there, but since I have done it a number of times before I am going to caption them with what I think was going on...if you were there feel free to leave a comment with what was actually happening!

The 2011 Wackers
 This year was Cale's rookie year, here he is taking his first wack with the rookie racket! (in case you can't tell it is wrapped with some awesome glitter garland)
 Kels taking her first swing...since I wasn't there I can't know for sure but looks like not only did she miss the ball, but it may have bounced off her head!

Out on the course

Taking  little break

 everyone heading for their balls

 My love!

 Kels and hers! hahaha

Trochu is home to the largest golf tee in the world, who knows this may be on a trivia card sometime!

 Listening to what to do for the next hole.
 John taking down Scott...I asked him why, and he said "he deserved it" hahaha, these pictures are hilaious!

 The trees look like they may have been a hazard!

 Between holes drink break!

 Now ready to start the next hole

 Dad and Kels


 the troops

 almost every year the end of one of the holes is to hit a wagon wheel!

 Pretty Aunty

another break


 Going down the slide, always one of my fav parts!

Another nice one of Kels

 Mom and Dan sharing a laugh

John and the rookie taking a break!

Mom and Kels taking a break...mmmm...baileys!

 another group shot

 loaded up ready to head home

John jumping in the truck

 Cale and John

Love this picture of some of the group loaded up ready to head back to the hall!

When they got back to the hall we had a ton of food, visiting, awards, and karaoke, so. much. fun! ...rumor has it there may be some videos floating around so stay tuned!


Ami said...

Okay, first of all, that looks like SO much fun!! Secondly, those pictures of your sister are gorgeous! :)

Twin Engines said...

You wacky Canadians! That looks like a lot of fun!

Kelsey said...

hahahaha I can't believe those pics! I actually only took 3 sips of baileys the whole day and cam got every one on film!!! haha and oh god, please no posting of karaoeke videos!

Kelsey said...

and yes, my first shot I missed COMPLETELY!!! and he snapped a perfect pic, frick! haha

Christie said...

Oh the annual WACK OFF...its genius! Great pics. How many different bottles of booze did Kels top off? (lookin good in the pics Kels!...oh and of course you too Johnny hehe :)

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