Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Boys in Hoodies

Hoodies are one of my ULTIMATE favorite things for the little fellas to be dressed in...especially with the hoods up!  A-freaking-dorable!
After their nap today I became a little camera happy...87 pictures, and it was torture to get it cut down to only my six favorite of each of the fellas...I seriouslly could have posted them ALL!!!  Anyways I DID get it cut down...here are my favorites!!!

Lucas Christopher Alexander

 Nathan James Alexander

 Matthew Owen Alexander

Since the boys were all in such good moods I thought that I would try for a group shot...


Anonymous said...

They ARE a-freaking-dorable. Now I want to see the other 69 pictures.

Ami said...

Seriously Stacey, my motto...POST EM ALL! lol. Okay, as if the hoodies weren't cute enough, their little tongues sticking out just about topped it off! Now THOSE are some cute boys! I see Baby GAP modeling in their future!

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