Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year the fellas dressed up as the three little pigs, and John was the big bad wolf, so. freaking. cute! When I saw the Bunchkins dressed up like this last year I just knew that I had to do it for halloween this year!  I am not super happy with the pictures that I got though...trying to get three 2 year olds in the same place at the same time, is close to impossible!  Here are the ones that I did get.

Love the little tails!

Matty with his bucket ready to head out!

Nater and his!

Do my ears look ok? hahaha

My three little piggies, love them SO much!

Gypsy Grammy and Big Bad Wolf Daddy!

Here we go...

Discussing strategy.

All three in the same picture, and a little bit of each face showing...I am going to consider this one a success :)

Just 2 cute!

Checking out the pumpkins!

A good view of the entire costume...hooves and all!

Here comes the big bad wolf!

 Attempt at a group shot!

Still trying...

Daddy and Matty...where are the other two???
 Ready to rock!

There they go... 

We told them to go up and knock, but instead they went up and tried to open the door!

And then they just marched right on in...I had to haul one back down the stairs!

So cute...both of them :)

Waving goodbye to Cathy.

Off to the next house...they LOVED the blow-up thing on the lawn of this house!

and the lights on their sticks!

Seriously everything that they did in these costumes was crazy adorable!


My Guys

knock knock

got their candy and off they go...they got the hang of it!

High fiving the scarecrows!

The Loot!

After trick-or-treating we headed out to say hi to Nana.

Have you even seen a pig drive a tractor?

it's serious business!


Mouth full of candy!

Taking a break for some popcorn twists!

Piggy fit!  Even throwing a fit in their costumes was cute!

Then we got home, and the fun began!  Hands down their fav part of halloween was handing out candy to the kids that came to the door!

Me and one of my little loves

The boys were throwing fistfulls of candy into the bags, I am sure that the kids getting the candy were just as happy as the boys passing it out!

After this nobody got any chips...they popped almost all the bags, and the bags that were not popped were full of crumbs!

Action shot!

time to clean up...they played this game for quite awhile.

some of the kids that came to our door may have ended up with wet candy wrappers...

John and I had so much fun with the boys tonight, Can't wait for next year :)


Ami said...

Oh my! Those WERE my favorite costumes too!! They just look so darn cute!! I'm glad you guys went for it too! You got some great photos! And I"m with you...I love the tails! Happy Halloween!

The Lucks said...

Ok... We may need to do that in a couple years! TOO CUTE!

Joelee said...

HA! Oh my - I didn't realize Ami's cuties were piggies last year. My girls had the exact same costumes this year, and Easton was our {not so little} bad wolf! I LOVED how soft and cuddly the costumes were - and also love how they looked as they ran away from me - hee, hee :) Your boys look so cute in them!

MANDI said...

LOVE IT! These guys are too cute. What a great idea! I can tell there will be many years of great 3 themed costumes.

Christa said...

so cute! great pictures as always! I need some of your skills! I just posted my halloween post and then realized we had the same piggy costume ;) love it!

Christa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mike and Joelle said...

We are trying to buy 3 little piggy outfits! Do you still have them and are you willing to sell them?! Thanks!

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