Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not quite wordless wednesday

So I always love that Wednesdays I can slack off and do a wordless post, so I took some pictures of the boys but then could not post them without some explanation so turns out that this Wednesday is NOT wordless!

This morning I picked up a new toy for the boys...this thing is wonderful!!! In the picture below it is in its table form, but the legs can also come off so that they can use it for tummy time! All 4 sides have things to do which makes it perfect for me and my fellas, one side for each of us!

  • Makes 23 noises
  • has 18 moving parts
  • 12 different colours

What more could a baby want! (the boys are napping right now so I did in fact count all of those things out!)The boys are LOVING solid food!!! Here are some pictures from after their meal today...
Nathan a total mess but loving every second of it!Matthew also super messy...which is not too bad until he starts putting his hands in his mouth while I am trying to get a spoon in someone else`s mouth...thats when it gets really messy!!!Lucas pretty much clean as a whistle...when I put the spoon to his mouth he barely opens it and just slurps the food right off and into his mouth, leaving no trace of it on his face...I guess that he will be the clean freak like his dad!!!
And of course Bones cleaning out the bowls when we were done...she was messier than Lucas but cleaner than the other two!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the new table in action.
Looks, sounds like fun
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

They look very pleased with themselves! Love those grins!

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