Monday, February 1, 2010

More than just a snowman's nose

So I am pretty sure our little fellas must be close to getting teeth...they are drooling everywhere, putting everything they can get their adorable little hands on into their mouths, and I had a dream about it last night! This morning on a show that I was watching they said to give teething babies frozen carrotts to chew on...I did not have any frozen ones but I gave them one out of the fridge and it worked like a charm. We went from three kinda fussy guys to three content guys...for about half an hour. Half an hour may not seem long but to have three content babies for half an hour can sometimes feel like a lot longer in triplet land (don't get me wrong, the boys are happy and content majority of the time, but a new thing to make them happy is ALWAYS great!).
Here is Lucas with his new toy!Matthew with his...
and Nathan with his
Even Bones got to try a chunk of carrott!

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Ami said...

I agree with you! I think time triples when you have triplets, so that half hour could easily translate to what felt like an hour and half! Great pictures! And great thinking! My triplets are 10 months now and we STILL only have one tooth amongst them!

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