Thursday, February 18, 2010


So today was the first day that the sun has been out in about a week...I am SO GLAD it is back! The boys and I have been going for walks after they wake up from their naps this is SOOO nice to get outside. I have been packing one baby and pushing the other two in the times (like right now when my back is a little sore) I think it might be easier to have had a "triplet stroller", but then I look them up online and remind myself how rediculously long or wide they are and I am still happy about the wa we decided to do it!
Anyways here are the boys and I out on our walk today.
Mel and her boys.
And Lucas started rolling from his back to his tummy tonight, he has been so close for quite awhile now and after he had done it once he was thrilled with himself and became unstoppable!


Anonymous said...

Love the stats!

GAuntie Sue said...

Always so fun to come in here and see what's new with you and all your Boys!

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