Sunday, February 28, 2010

GOLD medals for CANADA but not for the triplets attitudes today...well part of the day

Our day started of great today with a visit from the Jansens for brunch. Unfortunately I only got one picture (well actually John got). So here is Zach helping me feed the boys their rice cereal...they also tried peaches today which were a big hit!We went over to Grammy and Grandpas to watch the game.
Here is Mr.Matthew with Aunty Val.
Little Luc with Grammy
And there was no picture of Nate because he was still sleeping like an angel! The other two woke up from the cheering after Canada's first goal!
After the second period I ended up bringing the boys home...this is where they lost their gold attitude medal! When the boys and I got home they continued to fuss (which is REALLY uncharacteristic of them) so as they moaned and groaned I was brainstorming a list of reasons they might be acting this way. Here is what I came up with
  1. They were not feeling great
  2. They did not nap long enough
  3. They were teething (still no teeth)
  4. They were hungry

and then it came to me...they were worried that Canada was going to lose the Gold medal! Which had to be it because as soon as the game was over and the medals were awarded the boys turned their frowns upside down!

Here is Matty showing some Canadian pride!

Nate proud to be Canadian!
Lucas happy to be a Canuck!


KimnSteve said...

Oh, my gosh! That's adorable! What a great day to be Canadian (too bad I'm not). Glad the boys are eating well - are veggies any better? By the way, Nathan got his first tooth at 5 1/2 months, so it could be. Surprised the heck out of us!

Gauntie Sue said...

It just makes me So happy to come in and see how the family is doing from week to week. Sorry about the weezers, but at least they're happy weezers. I felt sorry for your waiting, and waiting.... And that package from the Pharmacy! Ho - Lee !
Hope to see you all soon.

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