Sunday, February 21, 2010


So the boys have been eating their rice cereal for over a week now and doing a really good we figured it was time to let them try a new food...CARROTTS! I gave them each a bit of the new orange stuff and they were repulsed...I tried a few more times but just got the same reaction. I prepared some squash this morning to freeze but did not have it all frozen yet, since it had a much smoother texture than the carrotts I thought I would give it a try...I did not think that it was possible but they hated this even more, the second it hit their tounge they would gag.
Here is Lucas's reaction...Nathan's...
and Matthew's
I was feeling a little bad that they hated it SO MUCH so I made a little rice cereal to help wash it down.

Lucas thinking that the rice cereal is MUCH better
Nathan Loving it!
Mr. Matthew happy as a clam!
We will persist with the new foods...I will keep you posted with how it goes!

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KimnSteve said...

Have you tasted the rice cereal? I can't believe they like it so much! Try mixing the veggies and cereal together - don't give up!

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