Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Today was the boys' 6 month birthday...already! I can not believe that they are 6 months old, but at the same time I can not remember life without them! We did a little at home photo shoot today...these little guys are so flippin cute!
Lucas Christopher Alexander

Matthew Owen Alexander

Nathan James Alexander

John and I compiled a top ten list of reasons that we love being the parents to our three little it is (in no particular order)!
1. Getting them out of bed in the morning - when the boys are ready to get up it is SO fun to go in and get them because as soon as they see you they start smiling and kicking.
2. Watching them watch each other - it seems like the boys notice/like each other more and more EVERY single day! They watch each other, grab each others cheeks, and put their hands in each others mouths...SO CUTE!!!
3. Taking them out and about - although it is a TON of work we ABSOLUTELY LOVE taking our boys out to do things, from simple visits to family and friends' houses to the olympic torch relay it is great to get out, we can't wait for the weather to get a little warmer so that we do not need to be so worried about them getting cold!
4. Getting to see each first 3 times - although anyone with three kids gets to see each first three times, it is A LOT of fun to see how soon after one another they have their firsts...I am sure they are putting ideas in each others heads...which could mean trouble for us when they get a bit older!
5. Seeing us in them - although the boys do not really look like either of us it is fun when they do something that is characteristic of one of us. Everyonce in awile they will do something that is totally me or totally John and I LOVE it!
6. Checking them before we go to bed - everynight before we go to bed we check in on the boys to make sure that they are covered with their blankets. It is so cute to see them all aleeping so soundly in their three little cribs!
7. Getting them all to laugh at the same time - at first this was quite a challenge but it seems to get easier and easier each day. When they all get laughing we can't help but laugh ourselves!
8. Listening to their "dragon" noises - I am sure that all babies make cute little noises but there is no way that it can be as entertaining as when these three start all talking at the same time. We joke that Scortch (Lucas's dragon) teaches them new words and noises in the night.
9. Watching them jump - our boys LOVE their jolly jumpers! Everyday before their afternoon naps and before bed we have jumping time...I just wish that they amde them big enough for John and I to each have one too!
10. Everyday being more fun than the last - everynight when we go to bed we think that there is no way that the boys can be more fun than they were today...turns out EVERYDAY they are funner than the day before, do we ever love these boys!

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