Saturday, February 13, 2010

Solid foods here we come!

So today we started the boys on some real food, yesterday when we were talking about it John's brother just laughed and said that if the boys eat anything like Johnny, then we are in BIG trouble hahaha!
mmmm...rice cereal! (this is a little sarcastic but I did taste it and compared to their formula this stuff is like candy!)The three fellas all lined up and ready to eat!

Lucas's first taste
not quite sure what he thinks about it!
Nathan not quite sure what to do with that stuff!
Lucas was an eating pro after a few bites!
Matthew a little slow at the start...
and then we could not get it in his mouth fast enough!
Matthew loving his snack!
Nathan swinging his arms wanting more!
Lucas trying to lick off his bib!
Matty trying to get the spoon to his mouth as quick as he could!
an action shot!
another one
Nathan ready for some more...I love this picture!
The boys all finished their entire tablespoon!!! I can not wait to feed them again tomorrow...there is no looking back now!

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