Thursday, February 25, 2010


So this morning the boys and I went on our very first road trip with Mel and her little guys to visit Mandi and her little guy! Now this trip took A LOT of prep...we had 3-6 month olds, 1-almost 2 month old and 1-almost 2 year old, which means 5 CARSEATS!!! Now once the carseats were loaded we had to worry about snacks for the drive, entertainment for the drive in case anyone were to wake up, mid morning snacks for my 3, bumbos to feed the fellas in, bottles for my 3 and changes of clothes for babies (I actually brought an extra shirt too...which I did end up using). But we did get on the road close to our estimated time and we made it all the way there with no crying (Matthew did wake up and grumble a bit but I am not going to count it as crying). The drive was wonderful...we got to see the mountains and it was so nice out we even had to turn opn the A/C!!!
Here is the front seat loaded up and ready to go!An overflowing diaper bag in the back!

WE MADE IT!!! 3 smilers and one sleeper! Bennett was already busy playing with the toys!
While we were eating Mandi brought up Sam's old jumper for Matty to use...he got a little fussy while he was jumping so Bennett decided to show him what to do. Matthew thought that Bennett was the funniest jumper was quite funny to watch!

Sam and Matty hanging out
Here is the vehicle all loaded up and ready to go home! I love it!
Thanks to the Connolley's for having us over...we came in like a tornado, used their toys, ate their food, used their toys some more, ate some more and then we were on our way again...hopefully they will let us visit again sometime soon!
The drive home was just as successfull as the drive down...we even got to pick up a starbucks on our way out of town!

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Tricia said...

Wow, that is one busy car. I give you huge props for making this trip.

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