Sunday, January 3, 2010

Babies in Bumbos

So tomorrow is my first day by myself...well kind of. Either GG-ma or GG Auntie Jean are going to come from 11-naptime (if they decide to nap, lately they think that they are too old for naps, Nathan went four and a half hours before bed without a nap). John and my mom will both be going back to school tomorrow...John at the college and mom back to grade 2, teaching of course. I will miss them both SO incrediabley much. It will be so nice to have John home every night for at least the next two months and I know that mom will still visit us lots!
So the boys must know that we are on our own tomorrow because today we were able to add a new "station" into the rotation! The boys have tried the bumbos a few times before but never really liked them much, we put them away for awhile and when they came out today they quite enjoyed them!
Here is the top shot of all 3...Bones was hovering around in case one of the boys dropped a toy!Mr.Lucas
Just a little side note...have any of you ever tried tummy time? The boys do it now for about 20minutes at a time so last night as I was laying in bed I thought I would is fairly easy if you prop yourself up with your elbows, but the boys don't do that...their arms kind of stick out to the side...I could not last longer than a few minutes!

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