Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years!!!

For NYE we had some wonderful friends over to our house to watch the two hockey games (Canada vs USA and Oilers vs Flames) and then play some turned out to be fairly hectic! There was 1- 7 week old baby, 3-4 month old babies and 3-2 year olds (well almost 2!), 2-yappy dogs, and a bunch of grown-ups! Needless to say my flash did not go off once, and I did not realize it until the end of the night, so no NYE pictures!
I made up for it new years day though!!! Every year my mom's side of the family get together out in Trochu for the Annual Family Wack-Off...yup thats right a family wack-off! (it's not as dirty as it sounds but always turns some heads when you mention it!) It is kind of like a golf/tennis hybrid game played out in the snow! The course is marked out with spray paint and you have to get your tennis ball into the "hole" using your racket in as few strokes as possible (we do keep score but it has no bearing on the winner). You have to be 18 to compete so there are always some people left behind at the hall...and this year me and the boys joined them!
Here is GAK and Matty BearCale and Nate

Great Grammy and Nate
This picture should have been at the start but it is too late to move it now! The boys all slept the entire drive out to Trochu and Matthew and Nathan continued to sleep for an hour and a half after we got there! Here they are asleep in their carseats and Luc out playing!
Luc loving being the "only child" for an hour or so!
Mary with Matthew and Hayden
Great Great Aunty Jenny resting with the fellas
Here is part of this years crop! (excuse the finger hahaha) It is hard to see who everyone is with all their winter gear on but I know that there were quite a few people missing from the pic!
This Years Male winner (the trooper award) was awarded to Uncle Bill (that's right we even have back to the 80's!)
Scott accepting the other award on behalf of his brother...not quite sure the story behind Nick recieving the "female" trophy for the second year in a row since I was upstairs when the trophy was handed over. (last year he got it because both Scott and Nick had their rookie season and played stellar...there was no way to decide who to give it to so they both got one of the trophies)


Anonymous said...

Stacey and John, the pictures are amazing! You guys are awesome, and thank you for all you do to keep us all up to date with the babies and all your activities. I love this blog. GAK

john cave osborne said...

wack off! LOL. what a beautiful family you guys have. our little trio just celebrated their third holiday season. craziness! they are two years and a few months now.

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