Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First Annual PJ Party!

So today some friends of mine and their kids came over for a potluck PJ breakfast, it was a little chaotic at time (seem like everything I am posting lately involves some sort of chaos...I guess this is just my life now!) but it was a ton of fun (also involved in every post so I guess this also is my life...actually chaotic and a ton of fun sounds exactly right). The food was wonderful and the company even better. Here are a few pictures from the morning.

Bennett teaching Venice a few tricks on being a big brother/sister.
All the kids...it was way too funny trying to get this picture. Lucas was actually almost asleep in his bed and I went and woke him up (a terrible thing to do I know but I did not want him looking back wondering why he was not in the picture hahaha), Matthew and Nathan were overdue for a nap, so they were in great moods as you can imagine. 4 kids on the chair needed to be propped but there were only 3 big kids that were willing to get on the chair (Lexie did not want to play the picture game!) and Hayden so close to the edge that Chelle had to stay right close to make sure that she did not fall off..add in Venice on top of Luc and Bennett under Gavin and that about sums it up!
Lexie found a beautiful pair of boots at the front door...but they look a little more like chaps on her!
Venice was testing out the camera...after I went through her 73 pictures this one was my favorite!
And just a few pictures from naked time tonight...I LOVE THESE BOYS!!!
Matty Bear
Our Little Lizard
Nate the Great

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