Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Immunizations Round 2!

So today the boys had their 4 month immunizations...a little late I know but Christmas eve did not seem like the best time! Luckily my dad was home to come with us to help move carseats and calm boys!
Here is Grandpa sitting in the waiting room with the three boysLuc made himself go crosseyed to look at one of his toys
Matthew was amazed by his toys
and Nathan was amazed by the camera!
Here is our wonderful health nurse Sue with Nate, and Grandpa with Luc and Matt...this is before the shots...there is no pictures of the during or afters because the boys (and mom and g-pa) we all fairly distraught. Matthew cried so hard that Lucas got scared and had to leave the room :( poor little guys. At least now we are done until their 6 month shots!


Anonymous said...

Love the "labels" to search through the posts!! Great pics of the boys in their carseast and their toys...hilarious actually! hehehe, love you guys!

Aunty K

Anonymous said...

you do a great job with keeping up with pics of the boys.I just love visiting ,to see what is new each month.Each month there is such a change in the little guys.Wish I could be there to share.Hope all is well with you.Keep up the good work.Luv Aunt Bev

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