Monday, January 25, 2010

Playdate and Chiro

So today the boys and I had our first official "playdate" over at the Roth's. Marni, Mel and I were outnumbered 3:7, which are pretty rough odds when majority of the little guys can't feed themselves...and are hungry! We had a ton of fun but as you can imagine there was not a whole lot of spare time to take pictures, but I did get one good one which sums it up pretty good. I did not even get a chance to finish my tea...I actually cannot remember if I started it!

Here is the almost everyone, Gavin was asleep since he kept his mom up all night!Today was a totally chaotic day for us. I am not quite sure what went wrong but all three boys wanted to eat, sleep, jump, lay at different time...which makes life kinda difficult! Tomorrow we are going to start trying a more structured schedule...hopefully is will reduce the chaos. Anyway here are some pictures from bumbo time today.
Lucas with his hand in his has become a challenge to get a picture of him without his hand in his mouth lately! I can't believe how blonde he looks here.
Matthew trying to escape his bumbo...I think Matty's days in the bumbo are numbered!
Nathan just hanging out eating the giraffe!
We had an appointment at the chiropractor today to get the boys checked out. Here they are sitting very patiently in the waiting room while I filled out the forms. I know it might sound weird but I love filling out forms...and I actually love filling out one for each of them!
Dad met us at the chiropractor, Matty was happy to see him!
2 of my guys!
Here they are again...the other two were asleep and we were just waiting so I kept taking pictures and got quite a few that I loved so I had to post them all!
Matty getting checked out!
Now it's Nathan's turn.
and last but not least our little lizard.

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Anonymous said...

I like John and the boys matching polos!!

Aunty K

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