Friday, January 15, 2010

Vancouver 2010...well Red Deer 2010

So today was the day that the olympic torch was passing through Red Deer so we packed up the boys, put them in their team Canada jerseys and away we went. The Westerner grounds were packed and it was an AWESOME event! Here are some pictures...
Dad and the boys on the you can see from the crowds behind him there was a great turnout!Grandpa in his volunteer hat saying hi to Matty
All 5 of us!
All 7 of us!
Me and Mel with our little guys (Gavin stayed at home with his g-ma) in front of the ice sculpture.
Me and my Mr.Nate
Luc was awake for the first little while when we got there (it was so loud I don't think anyone could have fallen asleep), but slept through the entire passing of the torch...all 2 minutes of it!
Here it comes...
There it goes!
Our goal was to get the boys' picture taken with a torch. We heard that there were a number of places to go and get your picture taken but unfortunately we could not find any of them. We had given up and were walking back to the vehicle when we ran into one of the torch carriers and he was nice enough to stop and get his picture taken with us! (he is also the one carrying the torch in the pictures that we have)
This was a plate on one of the olympic entourage vehicles...thought it was kind of fitting for our little guys!
Since Grandpa came to help us hold boys while the torch was passing he lost his friend and ended up coming home with John squished in the back with the 2 strollers and all of the other stuff that you need to take 3-41/2 months outside!
After we headed to Uncle G's and Aunty K's to watch the fireworks from her deck...Lots of fun!

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Erin Keyes said...

your boys are soooo cute Mrs.A and it was so cool to see you last night with your boy & Bronwyn also did too.

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