Saturday, October 9, 2010

First Haircuts

Today we took the fellas to get their very first haircuts!  We took them to Boone, she cuts Grandpa, GG-pa, GG-ma, Uncle Dave, and Cale's hair.

Matthew was up first...doesn't he look thrilled! hahaha
 Okay this is not so bad...

 The other two fellas waiting patiently...
 and then two minutes later not so patiently!
 Some more of Matty getting his hair done...not quite sure why he looks like he is glowing.
 Checking himself out in the mirror!
 Almost done
 Next it was Nathan's turn
 Pretty excited to be getting his trim!
 Pointing to a spot that he thinks she missed (his hand is hidden under the cape)
 This one was just way too funny not to include...classic Nathan!
 Last but not least our little lizard
 Daddy telling him a story
 Not quite sure about this haircut stuff
 To finish Luc's he had to sit on Daddy's knee...way too squirmy...which unfortunately ended up in a bald spot or two!
All things considered the boys were very well behaved and look absolutely adorable with their new haircuts, they look like such big boys now!  I did not have a chance to take any official after pictures today but I will get some up soon!


Anonymous said...

The cuts look great-and it does make them little boys and not so much babies!

Love you,

Amy and Andrew said...

I want to see Luc's bald spots!!

Kelsey said...

love these handsome boys!

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