Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall Photos...that's right there are more!

We met up with my dad's side of the family to take some family shots...Here are some of my favorites!

Aunty K and Nate DoggGrammy and the lizard
Grandpa and Matty hiding in the trees
Me and my Lucas
Me and my Nathan
Me and my Matty
6 of my favorite people :)
Matthew on the usual!
Everyone...but we are missing John and Gaelan, they were both working, maybe I can photoshop them in!
Lucas loving the leaves
Nathan exploring
Grammy and Matty going on a between pictures walk
Another group shot
and another one.
Kels, me and Mom. And yes Kels is tall, but I think mom and I may be standing in a hole or something because she is not that much taller than us!
The original 4! I love this picture :)
On the run again!
Chasing babies


Ali said...

Such great pics! What awesome memories you are making for your boys:)

Anonymous said...

Those pics turned out great!Love you guys!

Kelsey said...

Love all of them but LOVE that one of mom and matty walking away from the camera...and the one of matty and luc running...and the one that looks like matty is trying to take-off...and the one of dad and matty hiding in the trees...and the one...ok i LOVE them all!!!

Amy and Andrew said...

Love these pics!

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