Sunday, October 24, 2010

One week until Halloween!

Around halloween a "phantom" makes it's rounds around our neighborhood...and last night he hit our house!

Here is the ghost that we display on our door to let everyone know that we have already been "hit"...and if you look closely you can see Nathan through the window...looks like the ghost spots him too! (and yes our ghost does have a moustache hahaha)
 The phantom left two yummy bottles of wine for mommy and daddy...
And a lightning mcqueen ride on car for the fellas...and as you can clearly see they were very excited!!! 
 Lucas clearly impressed by what the phantom delivered!
 Matthew giving it a try
 Nathan feeling Matthew's spikes!
 Nate's turn!
 Since there is only one week left until halloween we decided to carve our pumpkin today.

Nate and Luc checking out the pumpkin
 Matthew REALLY wanted to pick it up!
 so cute!
 rolling the pumpkin around

 Nathan giving the pumpkin a kiss!
 Where's the stem?  There it is!
 All three fellas!
 still trying to pick up the pumpkin
 Nathan being adorable
 Aunty K and the fellas feeling the guck inside the pumpkin
 Nathan was SO excited about it
 Matthew digging right in
 all three of the boys with a hand in the pumpkin!
 Still playing
 and a super cute picture of Nathan and G-pa playing peek-a-boo!
We have had another fantastic weekend with Daddy home.  He has to go back to work tomorrow but we will start the countdown until he is home again!


The Roths said...

I LOVE THE BOYS HAIR!! They look like little men and not babies anymore :(

Gauntie Sue said...

Very handsome fellows with their new "do"s. Love the spikes! And what a fun day of pumpkin rolling. I want to see the finished Jack-O-Lantern pictures!!
Love these guys! Love YOU

Twin Engines said...

Hubs travels for work, too. My email is I'd love to chat. Have a great week with your fellas!

Ali said...

The mohawks are awesome! I can't believe how old they look! I bet they had a blast squishing the pumpkin guts!

Christie said...

Sooo lovin the fohawks Stace!!!

The Phantom is such a cool idea to be neighborly! (maybe the beeoch next door to us should start one HAHA) Happy Halloween!!!

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