Friday, October 15, 2010

3 Little Monkeys Jumping on Their Beds!

Our three little boys are trouble...with a capital T!  They are almost able to climb out of their 13.5 months old!!!  I peeked in on them today during their naptime and Nathan had his tummy up on the rail...he could have tipped either way...thank goodness he tipped back into his crib!  He was using the bumper pads as a step...I took them away and he just spread his toes and gleeped on to one of the bars and pulled himself right back up!

Anyways on to another sleep topic...crib arrangements.  We previously had the cribs set up with two against one wall and then on on the opposite wall.  The other day when I peeked in the two that were together were reaching around playing with each other and the fella by himself was just sitting there sucking his thumb and looking mighty I moved his crib over to the other two...not the most visually appealing set-up but the boys LOVE IT!!! And I love that!!!

Anyways here is the new set-up!
 Tonight I heard a funny noise and when I peeked in...I saw this.  Usually they let us pat their mouths to make this noise or a toy...this is the first time they have worked as a team to do it!!!  SO CUTE!!!
 Then they turned on the charm for the camera
Nate Dogg
 Lucy Cat
(pronounced Lukey...we have just decided to spell his shortented name Luc so Lukey doesn't make a ton of sense...but then again maybe neither does Lucy!)
 Matty Bear


Ami said...

That is some funny stuff! We have our 3 cribs in a horseshoe, with little lady Hunter in the middle. So she can reach both boys, but both boys get such a kick out of staring right at each other! Isn't it the BEST watching them and listening to them interact in their cribs?

Tim and Darcy said...

These are seriously cute! :)

The McMahoonies said...

AWW Stacey!! They are so cute.

Kelsey said...

I LOVE THEM TOO! Those are such fun pics...they just make me laugh no matter what they do! (except when we are getting them ready for a swim, lol)

Twin Engines said...

The haircuts look great! And the bedroom looks like a ton of fun! I've heard that footy pajamas will keep them in a bit longer b/c they can't "grip."

Christie said...

Holy crap they are climbing out already? That is crazy! How cute are you moving their cribs adorable! L O V E the pic of them covering eachothers mouths and playing...I can just picture your smiling face when you saw that! Adorable!

Christie said...

PS good job for finally successfully posting Christie!!...air high five!!!

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