Monday, October 11, 2010


Today we took the boys out to the Lacombe corn maze...their catch phrase...get lost!  and man did we ever!

Here are the boys loaded up in the wagon ready to head out into the maze
 Three little farmers
 One little boy in the wagon
 Plating with some corn
 Daddy fixing up Lucas
 The troops navagating us through the maze
 Mommy and Luc
 Uncle Gaelan and Nate
 Mommy and Daddy
 Another boy into the wagon
 GG-pa, Aunty K and Nathan
 Even Scortch made the trip through the maze!
 And then there were three!!!
 So we went through phase one and were supposed to find questions 1-4....we only found one.  We did find it four different times but after the fourth time we made our way back out through the entrance!  When we came out we were greeted by this sign...fairly fitting.
 We decided to go through the kiddie maze to boost our confidence before attempting phase two!
 Zig-zaggin through the maze
 Luc on the run
 stopped for a picture!
 Aunty, her boy, and her baby!
 Nathan found a question post!!!
 After we made it out of phase two (through the exit, whoo hooo!!!) Daddy and the fellas played with the rubber ducky races!
My boys and I had a fun time out at the maze!  I can't wait to do it again next year :)

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