Thursday, October 28, 2010


Every morning when the boys get up they do the exact. same. thing.  First they peek down the hall to see if there are any doors open (if there is they very quickly all run in), then they run the kitchen and check to see if under the sink is locked up (if it's not they start pulling stuff out), then they run to see if the dog dishes are up (if they are not, they dump the water out and then throw the food around), then they run to the cuddle chair to see if the cushions are down (if they are not they climb up), then they check to make sure the blinds are all up (if they are not then they pull on them) and finally they run over to make sure the computer is put away (if it is not they try to send an email or two)!

Just like they have their morning routine, they have their downstairs door check is ALWAYS first...and tonight they hit the bathroom door, no locks on the cupboards, and an open shower door.  Grammy supervised and the boys did a little exploring!

Lucas letting his brothers know that he got in under the sink!
 Matthew heading over to join him...
 But Nathan beat him there!!!
 Soon after Nathan left the cupboard to throw toilet paper into the shower...
 and then go in and get it!
 and bring it back out!!!

I really should print out this post and use it as a checklist of the things that I need to do each ngiht before I go to bed...but it is so fun to see their little faces when they find something that I have forgotten!

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Alanna said...

Hi Stacy! I love this post, I can totally relate but I only have to do it with one little sneaker! The boys looked adorable as pumkins too!


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